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  2. Aurora 88 Piston Repair — December 9, 2016
  3. Gate City New Postal — October 1, 2014
  4. Not Just Nibs & Filling Systems — July 12, 2013
  5. Atlanta Here We Come — April 9, 2013

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Dec 09

Mangled Nib? No Problem.

Accidents happen and when this client’s very young grand daughter put his Montblanc 149 in the washing machine, it did not have the desired effect the child had intended. Thankfully Linda was able to bring this mangled pen back to life, with only one feed fin missing.

Dec 09

Aurora 88 Piston Repair

Aurora 88 Piston Repair I have long considered the vintage Aurora 88 to be one of the best pens to come out of Italy. Repairing the piston seal is generally pretty straightforward. The only real trick is that the hexagonal shaft has to line up correctly to be accepted into the receiver.   This pen, …

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Oct 01

Gate City New Postal

Now available for immediate shipping.The New Postal is based on the patented design of the Postal Reservoir Pen, sold during the late 1920s by the Postal Pen Company in New York. This outstanding Gate City fountain pen was created by Richard Binder and is made in the US by skilled craftsman who fit each part …

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Jul 12

Not Just Nibs & Filling Systems


Recently a client sent us some pens needing restoration work.  Among the pens was a green modern Waterman Patrician set.  This set has not been made by Waterman for over 25 years. The ballpoint’s top finial had been broken and the client wanted to see if there was anything we could do. As you can …

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Apr 09

Atlanta Here We Come

We head off for the Atlanta Pen Show on Thursday.  This is a show we have not gone to before and will be looking at it with thoughts of setting up next year.  This is a great time of year to head south and it s the same weekend as the Masters tournament. We are …

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Feb 03

Bringing New Life To Old

 Taking an old dilapidated and dirty fountain pen back to life is quite rewarding, but has its pitfalls. If you have an old third tier pen that has no sentimental or monetary value, then this is the pen to learn on. Most of these are basic lever fillers that require only one real skill, patience. …

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Dec 14

Happy Holidays from IPD

We would like to wish all of our friends and patrons the happiest of holidays.   May the upcoming year bring many exciting and new pens to your collection.

Dec 13

Decades Of Grime

We love when we get in a simple restoration job where the pen needs the filling system restored, the nibs tuned and the body and furniture polished.  This was not one of those pens.  There was no history provided with this pen as it was a restoration for a dealer that had purchased it as …

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Dec 12

How To Clean Your Fountain Pen

JB's Pen Flush

Why do you need to clean your fountain pen? Why not just put in some more ink and be on your way? Cleaning the ink delivery system is part of the normal maintenance and care of a fountain pen. This is part of owning and using a fountain pen, like walking the family pet is …

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