Dec 11

Welcome To “The Niblet’s” Blog

wedFollow our blog as we highlight special pens, restoration projects, fountain pen related topics and special happenings in the fountain pen community!

We are a husband and wife team (Linda & Mike) with a true passion for fountain pens.  From brand new Pelikan’s to vintage Waterman eyedroppers, these amazing instruments have become a part of our everyday lives – as well as a business.  We both consider an evening of restoring old pens a wonderful way to spend an evening together!  Inky fingers are an everyday occurrence that often draws comical comments from those who don’t quite understand our passion.

Not only do we offer restorations services, we have a website that offers a wide variety of products for the fountain pen lover.  With inks, nibs, paper, fully restored vintage pens and some brand new modern fountain pens hoping to make their new home in Your collection (and much more)…we believe you will find something to tickle your fancy!

Follow our blog to learn about old pens, new pens, pen shows, restorations and other fountain pen related topics!

Be sure to visit our website Indy~Pen~Dance for all your writing needs.

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