Feb 03

Bringing New Life To Old

 Taking an old dilapidated and dirty fountain pen back to life is quite rewarding, but has its pitfalls. If you have an old third tier pen that has no sentimental or monetary value, then this is the pen to learn on. Most of these are basic lever fillers that require only one real skill, patience. Replacement sacs and shellac are available from many sources. We offer a variety of sizes in standard sacs as well as shellac.

But what do you do when you have a pen that is beyond your skill set or has a sentimental value such as Grandpa’s pen? Many of us that do restorations have learned our skills through other restorers, trial and of course error. The later is not a very good choice if you have a Leboeuf sleeve filler or a Lucky Curve that is a cherished family heirloom.

If you have a pen that you do not feel comfortable tinkering with, drop us a note. We have experience in working with many different types of filling systems and have exact replacement parts on hand, such as point gaskets, O rings and pressure bars for many pens. We also have been collecting old pens that can be used as donors for parts that cannot be restored or are missing.

Another common problem is bent and twisted nib tines. Maybe your pen was dropped and the tines are bent, or you have an issue with the cap liner and it has twisted the tines. These are problems we deal with every day. There is such a great feeling in making a client’s pen whole again and seeing the joy in their face or a letter of appreciation expressing the excitement of using a pen they once thought was a lost cause.

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