Apr 09

Atlanta Here We Come

We head off for the Atlanta Pen Show on Thursday.  This is a show we have not gone to before and will be looking at it with thoughts of setting up next year.  This is a great time of year to head south and it s the same weekend as the Masters tournament.

We are constantly adding to a list of parts we will be looking for at the show. It is amazing the number of pens that come into the queue that are missing something or are broken. The key is finding donor pens that would be substandard, in our eyes, to restore them. This generally makes getting the needed part a little cheaper for our clients. Every now and then there’s that hard to obtain part that makes going to these shows well worth the trip.

So what are we expecting? Of course it will be a pleasure visiting with our mentors, the Binders. They are a wonderful couple with a wealth of knowledge on so many things, not just pens. Barbara is a fellow Hoosier who has not lost her “Hoosier Hospitality” even being in the northeast for so long. We always look forward to seeing Brian and Lisa Anderson. They are a great couple to get to know and always a blast if there is a pen auction. The show website does not have a list of vendors attending so it will be exciting to see who all will be there.

Pictures and a summary of the show to follow next week. Safe travels to all who are going and we look forward to seeing you there.

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