Jul 12

Not Just Nibs & Filling Systems

Recently a client sent us some pens needing restoration work.  Among the pens was a green modern Waterman Patrician set.  This set has not been made by Waterman for over 25 years. The ballpoint’s top finial had been broken and the client wanted to see if there was anything we could do. Waterman as recievied

As you can there was not much of the finial left.  Fortunately the client sent the fountain pen with it, so we had a visual of what it used to look like.  I am sure it was originally a form of plastic, but we did not have anything other than Lucite which was a little too translucent.  So I grabbed a piece of black hard rubber (Ebonite) and set to work.  The mechanics of this repair were pretty simple.  The black piece still attached had a raised square portion that the clip fit over, the brass insert went into the finial and screwed down to hold the clip in place.  The first step was to get what remained of the black in the cap cleaned up and flush with the clip.  Once done, a finial could be turned on the lathe which would accept the insert and which would screw down on the post tight and flush with the clip.  A quality metal lathe is such a wonderful tool as it allows for accuracy and precision when dealing with small parts.  The Ebonite was drilled to accommodate the brass finial and to allow it to sit flush.  It was sized and shaped to fit the pen then parted off.  Raw Ebonite can be quite ugly until it is polished correctly which was the next step.  Holding this small piece that was less than one half inch in diameter and smaller than one quarter inch tall presented quite a challenge, but it was overcome and once polished it was installed on the pen.


We are quite pleased with the way this one turned out.


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